01 April 2008

That Thing On My Head, and On My Shoulders Too!

Ok, so it's not my watermelon kippah (I'll try to get you a shot of that later--this one I actually borrowed from Mike, b/c it went so nicely with the green in my skirt & rest of outfit) -- but this is a shot of me tying the final knots of the tzitzit on my new British tallit (material from Shepherd's Bush Market, with thanks to Liza for fabric choice help & sewing machine assistance; tzitzit by mail from Jerusalem the Golden in Golders' Green; handsewing with needles & thread from Boswell's here in Oxford + some burgundy thread from Liza's London sewingbox; debuted at Oxford women's tefillah in March)...

thanks also to Rabbi Chuck Feinberg for confirming for me that I had no shaatnez issues to worry about with it :)

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