07 March 2007

Sensible op-ed in the Forward by Shaul Kelner, which begins:

"If you happen to have missed the latest round in the debate over interfaith marriage, outreach and in-reach, fret not. This dog has been chasing its tail for nearly two decades, and shows no sign of tiring or jumping out of the deep groove it has cut as it runs in circles."

Ain't that the truth!

"Intermarriage has since become a normal part of most American Jews’ friendship and family networks, but the conceptual frameworks that policymakers and expert observers offer seem strangely frozen in time, as if the experience of the past 17 years has meant nothing."

Unh-hunh. And to judge by many of the comments posted on the op-ed, it continues to mean nothing to those who have already made up their minds.

01 March 2007

Are you a FrankenJew?

Not the term I'd choose, but it does have a certain attention-getting value...

I've got some comments on this Jewcy blogpost. (Warning: the discourse goes downhill pretty fast!)