24 January 2009

WaKiWo: Ain't I A Women?

At some point I may attempt a more wide-ranging post about the ongoing Amusing Adventures of Watermelon Kippah Woman (a.k.a. WaKiWo for short), and to seek to answer such burning questions as Why is the ladies' room the predominant location for inquiries about my headgear? ('cos it is, by far!)

But in the meantime I offer this story, told to me at kiddush today by our friend & neighbor about a recent family conversation with their 2 young daughters as to what they would choose to wear on their heads when they grow up (in a synagogue context, presumably, given the discussion):

Elementary-school-age daughter: I'm going to wear a hat, like Mommy does.

[Parental response suggests that wearing a kippah is also an option.]

Preschool-age daughter: That lady who lives on our block, she wears a kippah -- and she's a women.


Yes indeedy, I do, and I am.
(Take that, Weird British BeardMan!)
Ain't I a women?