13 August 2007

Collected Comments...

From hither, thither, and yon (online), stuff I'd said that's not deathless but that I might like to keep track of somewhere (here!):

In response to someone's friend telling him "You must pursue your life in a non-haphazard way":

Hmmm... that's good advice, but often hard to follow!

Non-haphazard pursuit of one's life, however, should be judiciously coupled with a certain amount of flexibility -- of openness to the chance & indeed haphazard occurrences, good and bad, opportunites & obstacles, that the universe throws at us unexpectedly -- in order that we may bend and not break.

we can only grow the way the wind blows
--but if we want to reach toward the sun and stars in our growing, we must keep pushing upward, however oblique the angle.

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