27 May 2007

...sheg’malani kol tov (...who has granted me all kindness)

My husband and I got to "bentsh gomel" this morning at synagogue.

On Thursday night, returning after drinks with friends at a bar in theNew Haven neighborhood we used to live in (the "grad ghetto"), my husband and I were robbed at gunpoint. But we're fine--and that's the important part. His wallet, my purse and its contents, even my wedding ring (which is the loss that stings most to me right now: I'm just glad they didn't take my husband's, which is of the same design, commissioned from a jewelry-maker in Vicenza, Italy on a visit there a few months before our wedding, almost 10 years ago) -- these are just objects; these can be replaced or lived without. Human life? Irreplaceable.

Ritualwell posts the Birkat Ha-Gomel (traditional prayer of thanks recited by someone who has survived a dangerous situation) in both masculine and feminine God-language here.

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